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Virus Removal

  • Remove Malware, Spyware, Trojans, and other malicious viruses
  • Recommend appropriate antivirus software.



Operating System Installation

  • Format/Erase System drive
  • Install OS with all drivers and applicable Updates
  • Windows Installation (Windows 10) 
  • Apple OS Installation





Data Backup/Transfer

  • Backup all necessary data files to external drive (up 1TB)
  • MS Office files, images, videos, PDF, etc



Software Installation & Configuration

  • QuickBooks, Simply Accounting or other business software
  • Printer Setup, Wired and/or Wireless
  • Device/Component Drivers
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Anti-Virus

Starting @ $65.00


Operating System Installation With Data Backup and Restore

  • Includes Data Backup and Operating System installation
  • Install OS including all drivers and Windows Updates
  • Required data restored- document files, images and re-install any licensed software (Anti-virus, Microsoft Office suites, etc)
  • Installation of common applications - Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, etc

Starting @ $265.00