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The Detachable Mic - Antlion Audion ModMic 5

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

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Antlion Audio’s Mod Mic 5 is a detachable mic that allows users to attach it to any pair of headphones with its magnetic capabilities. Users would not have to buy a gaming headset or feel forced to deal with the often low audio quality of gaming headsets compared to stand-alone headphones. This is an innovative approach to the need for a high-end gaming mic. The ModMic 5 has combined the omnidirectional and unidirectional mics into one capsule and a switch to toggle between them. The ModMic 5 also has a removable mute switch between the boom’s mic short cable and one of the extendable cables. Both the omnidirectional and unidirectional mics have 3.5mm jacks – the former which is studio mode produces realistic audio and is for quieter settings; while the latter which is known as noise-reduction mode reduces, impact of noisy surroundings. The ModMic 5 also has a very flexible arm which is made possible by Kevlar reinforced cabling and a thick steel spine to bend and contour to your face. Cable wraps and stronger magnets help with attachment to the headphones. Speaking of the attachment, it’s quite simple – attach the 3M base clasp to the headphones and the top magnetic clasp to it as well. When removing the mic, simply separate the magnets. This is definitely a gadget to try if you’re looking for a high-quality mic, you already have headphones and you don’t want to purchase a separate headset. It’s an easy fix and fosters the customizability of a high-end gaming accessory. At just $70, this is a necessity.

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