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LEPA's Light Show - LEPA NEOllusion

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

Over the years RGB LED lights have made system builds visually and aesthetically appealing. They give your system a unique, almost futuristic look that creates the ambiance for gaming or themed setup. Built into the most transparent part of the system – the CPU cooler allows these lights to be visible. LEPA’s new NEOllusion air cooler has RGB LEDs on the top and bottom of the heatsink and in the logo. The lights can also be remotely controlled for user selection of 16 colours and effects. The NEOllusion air cooler has a 120mm fan, however with no LEDs; providing a PWM of up to 1,800 rpm and airflow up to 75.41cfm. If the sound level of 33dB(A), at its height, becomes a noise issue then a simple install of a fan speed adapter will drop the fan’s PWM range to between 400rpm and 1,000rpm and sound level to 19dB(A) or less. In terms of temperature, when used with the Core i7-6700K, the NEOllusion air cooler kept the Core i7-6700K at an average core temperature of 78.7 Celsius when all threads were maximized. Likewise, the average idle temperatures were only 26.3 Celsius. With impressive cooling capabilities and brilliant colour presentation, this would be a great addition to your customized system.


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