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The Cool and Colourful LEPA CHOPPER ADVANCE Fan Case

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

Appearance is now a feature of importance when it comes to computer hardware. The LEPA CHOPPER ADVANCE case fan is a clear example of this with the fan router illuminated by red, blue, green or white LED lights. The red, blue and green models have a black exterior, while the white model has a matching frame. Putting visuals at the forefront, the CHOPPER ADVANCE fan case has 30 lighting modes. These lighting modes cannot be user-customized, however they do cycle through all 30 modes continuously.

Image result for LEPA CHOPPER ADVANCEFunctionality is just as important as appearance. The design is not just for looks, but also for practical purpose. For instance, you can simply disassemble the CHOPPER ADVANCE, removing the two pieces of the frame and the two pieces of the halo ring; even removing the fan rotor from the motor. This makes cleaning quick and painless. Operationally, the CHOPPER ADVANCE’s halo ring increases airflow by 30% and has a fan speed up to 1,500rpm, along with great airflow.


Systems are no longer designed strictly for operational purpose, but aesthetic has becoming more of a value and a demand. At just $20 you can own a powerful and sophisticated fan to upgrade your system’s performance and look.



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