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A Gaming Motherboard to Add to Your Wishlist - AORUS GA-Z270X – Gaming 5

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

AORUS has introduced a high-end gaming motherboard known as the GA-Z270X – Gaming 5. This brand of motherboards seems to cater to gamers who want the added experience while gaming along with the improved performance of a motherboard. A feature of the GA-Z270X – Gaming 5 that definitely adds to the gaming experience is the customizable RGB lighting from LED lights surrounding the board. Multiple lights allow for the display of different colours at once. Lighting effects include the display of one colour or the cycling of the board’s 16.8 million colour spectrum. The light display can also synchronize with the game’s music and even CPU temperature. The board’s lights can also coordinate with select GIGABYTE graphics cards and has a RGBW light strip pin header for synchronicity with other light kits. In terms of the chipset in the GA-Z270X – Gaming 5, it has more lanes for two M.2 ports, a U.2 port, two NICs, two USB 3.1 ports and three PCIe x1 slots. Despite this level of connectivity, a user will not have to face the complete shut-off of all of the SATA ports and the bottom PCIe x16 slot, which would happen in the case of connecting three drives on a Z170 motherboard. With the GA-Z270X – Gaming 5 a user can connect both M.2 ports, the U.2 port, and four of the 6Gbps SATA ports while only facing the shut off of the bottom PCIe x16 slot. A high-end product will translate to a high-end price ($195), however it’s in exchange for superior quality.

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