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Alphacool Eisbaer 360

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

Unlike other CPU coolers, the Eisbaer 360 AIO liquid cooler allows you to expand the loop simply with a disconnect fitting – no draining or disassembly required. With this disconnect fitting (standard G1/4 fittings), you have the flexibility of adding thicker hoses or tubing for future customizability. You can also replenish coolant given the fill ports on top of the pump. The Eisbaer 360 has a 360mm copper radiator unlike its closed-loop counterparts that have aluminum radiators, giving it superior performance. The built-in pump can also power up to 12V and a speed of 2,600rpm.

The Eisbaer 360 works by using three of its 120mm Eiswind fans which can be connected by a single fan header by the three-way splitter included. In terms of its ability to cool a system, when running a torture test (Prime95 Small FFT) for 10 minutes, the average temperature on Intel’s Core 17-6700K was 71.2 C. The same test on the i7-7700K produced an average temperature of 73.4 C. The standout feature with the Eisbaer 360 is the flexibility of this CPU cooler to interchange liquid-cooling parts that Alphacool makes, customizing your cooler for all of your needs.



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