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I Tried Microsoft’s Oculus Rift and Loved It!

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

On July 7, 2015 I attended the ASI Tech Expo where many technology companies introduced their new devices and services to their partners. It was exciting to visit the booths and listen to the seminars of a few of Canada’s leader technology companies. Vendors like ASUS, Huawei, Lenovo, NVIDIA, Gigabyte and Intel were in attendance, just to name a few. I was quite impressed with the passion these companies had to create the best product for businesses and for the end-user. They also did not fail to appease attendees when it came to innovations and advancements of previous hardware.

Though I would love to reveal all of the details, of course companies would like to keep their products a secret until they are publically released. However, what I can discuss is what has already been released.

I had the opportunity of demoing Microsoft’s Oculus Rift. Set to be released in 2016 it has garnered attention because of its innovative virtual reality capabilities. Essentially the user dons the headset which includes headphones and eyewear which create a virtual world of the setting in the game they are playing. In my case, I rode a rollercoaster. I could hear the sound of the wheels rolling along the rickety wooden tracks and the wind blowing past me as I sped down hills and into tunnels. I looked in front of me, to either side and behind me and I could see the mountainous scenery and blue sky. Amazingly, I felt all of the sensations of being on an actual rollercoaster. I actually felt as if I was free falling I even found myself leaning into turns.

I was told by the vendor that the picture quality and experience will only improve in quality, which impressed me. If this is the case, the Oculus Rift is definitely a device to watch in the coming year. Not only will gaming change, but I can only imagine what will follow once its highly-interactive capabilities and experiences comparable to the real world. 

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