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Microsoft Windows 10 is Free !!

Posted by Alexandra Plummer on

If you haven’t already seen the tiny Windows logo on your taskbar, Windows 10 is slated to be released July 29, 2015 and it’s free. For its first year, Microsoft is offering this new operating system for Windows 7 and 8 users who have the proper license. Clicking on the Windows logo will instruct you on how you can reserve your free upgrade to be downloaded automatically on the release date. It’s that easy.  

Promises of new features and a smoother use of the system already have techies intrigued.  

What you can look forward to are the improvements to older features. The now seven versions of Windows 10 will allow for different user needs, adding, Mobile Enterprise and Education to the familiar list of IoT, Mobile, Home, Enterprise and Professional. Also, a new calibration of Windows Office application will be introduced. Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel will have more search capabilities within Office. Next is the return of the start menu. The start menu will, essentially, combine the style of Windows 7 and the Windows 8 Live Tiles. Another highlighted feature is the Oculus Rift which allows the ability to stream games from Xbox One.

Though many new features will be introduced with Windows 10, a few features will not be carried over into from the previous version of Windows. These features include Media Center, the DVD drive, desktop gadgets, participation in installation and the OneDrive app. Though familiar to Windows 7 users, the removal of these features should be welcomed, as it is needed to move users onto the same page in terms of how they use their devices.

What’s important to note is that if you miss out on the free offer or purchase Windows 10 after the free offer expires, it will cost $119. A simple upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows Pro is $99 and Windows 10 Pro alone will cost $199.

We can only stay tuned for what else Windows 10 will have in store for its users. As we approach the July 29 release, more features will be revealed.






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